May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Arnold Clark Review

  1. Bought 2015 Nissan xtrail back in October at Arnold clark in Salford. Air conditioner not even working. And their customer service is very poor when contacting them.

  2. Don’t be fooled that the year warranty means anything when you buy a car from this company. We told Arnold Clarke when we bought our car from them that the clutch seemed to be slipping. They agreed and told us to have it seen to within the year, and it woukd be fixed for free. Really? I don’t think so. We took a while to get it seen to, but within the year. Will they cover this? Of course not. Don’t be fooled. By all means buy a car from them, but don’t believe any faults will be covered. You might as well burn your warranty and save your energy.

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