April 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “AUTO LUX Review

  1. I came to see a used Lada Granta at an autolux car dealership. They offer me a fret grant after the accident and they say that they say, here’s a great car, buy it. Of course I refused to buy such a machine! Then the manager told me that if I don’t like something, then I can leave the car dealership! Autolux is a fucked up car dealership where there are no normal cars and they communicate very badly with customers!

  2. With an advance payment of 50,000, Renault Logan 2020 was sold on the website of the Autolux car dealership for 542,000. I applied for a loan, called the bank myself, and the specialist confirmed the acceptance of the application at 4.2% per annum. I arrived, and the price of the car was already more by 212,000. I didn’t understand the humor, how it happened in just a couple of hours while I was driving! It turned out that the bank does not issue loans without insurance !!! 212,000 is the price of insurance!

  3. We called the Autolux salon in advance and agreed to order a Nissan Almera car. We read great reviews and went. In the contract, they tried to fool us, because the car’s engine was smaller in volume! The car was not ordered to us in the end, because. In principle, they did not have the modification we needed! Later I found out that the engine of the presented car generally needs a complete overhaul! Dying don’t get up!

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