May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Wilsons Epsom Review

  1. Purchased a Motability vehicle which was picked up in April 2022 and within two days I had reported 2 niggles/issues/faults. What has followed is almost 3 months of frustration, upset and stress in trying to get them resolved by a largely incompetent Service Department. My main issues have been, 1. Throughout the last three months Wilsons could have quickly resolved the problems. They chose not to. Instead, fobbing me off to both the car manufacturer and then motability. As an individual trying to deal with large companies is stressful. No-one wants to take responsibility. Wilsons showed zero goodwill and refused to help over something quite minor. 2. The car has been back to Wilsons on 5 occasions and their communication is shocking. He failed to contact me despite 6 separate promises to do so. I raised a complaint to Wilsons customer-care email and Broghan responded. She apologised and wrote “ With reference to our service department, I can only apologise for the lack of communication thus far and would like to assure you this is a priority” . I was passed to Benn the service manager to deal with but the service and treatment continued to spiral downhill. 3. The car went back in on a Friday and Benn promised to call that afternoon. He did not. I waited and waited. I emailed Broghan who despite promising communication would be a priority failed to respond. I then had to phone Benn the following Wednesday myself. 4. During this call Benn booked the car back in promising to replace the damaged unit (motability covering costs) and replace a component in the SatNav. He told me that Hyundai agreed to cover this despite the fact it was ‘quite expensive’ 5. Car back to dealership but informed at front desk that no work was to be done on the SatNav. I explained the conversation with Benn. Someone went to speak with him. He denied saying about the replacement part. He refused to speak to me directly despite two requests. Benn is a liar. So, my conclusion is that the Service Department are wholly untrustworthy. You cannot believe anything they say. A horrific experience and when they are prepared to lie to cover up issues then it’s pretty despicable. Deal with them at your own risk.

  2. Reading here, it seems that Wilsons is still the same old car dealer it was 20 years ago. When they treated us badly!! Avoid, please!!!

  3. I bought a Kia Rio 1.5 diesel as a quick stop gap Summer 2017 Within a few hours a serious defect appeared on the overrun where the engine flailed and bucked. I took it back the next day and I expected the worst.However Wilson’s staff where very supportive and positive. I received a courtesy car which was very flash and waited for the Kia to be repaired. Unfortunately after it returned from Wilson’s repair garage the car was worse .2nd gear could not be engaged. Wilson’s took the Kia back and I continued to use the courtesy car . I received a message about five days later saying that Wilson’s considered further repair to the Kia uneconomical and they would return my money. I can confirm that Wilson’s staff and management are very professional and supportive but selling a car that was a nail in the first place was stressful and inconvenient for me

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