December 2, 2023

4 thoughts on “Wilsons Epsom Review

  1. Bought a second hand Fiat 500 from this company a few years back. Sent it for a service to fit a rear brake light and the wrong side got fitted. Next time we put it in for a service the Automatic gearbox had an issue with jumping into neutral whilst going along in 4th or 5th gear which was pretty dangerous. Their service team took the car in and found nothing wrong and gave us back the car. The fault persisted and a local garage plugged the electronic fault reader in and said the fluid for the auto gearbox needed topping up. This was what the car system said. The fault persists despite the top up so it has been suggested we have to change the Management system for the gearbox. The car was in for mid December at Wilson’s and we were told the part would be ready by 3rd January. No one called to say it wasn’t in and I tried several times to find out what was happening. I was told the Fiat parts’ warehouse had moved so there were delays. Roll on to 25th January there has been no contact and I’m having to call up again to find out what is going on. Shocking customer service . Car has been off the road now for six weeks plus. The Sales side of Wilson’s was pretty slick but experience of the Service side awful.

  2. We purchased a Peugeot e208 at the asking price during lockdown. Given it was only 9 months old, had the dealership as the first owner, and the Covid restrictions, we opted for an online purchase after seeing a video. The car arrived with a completely worn, unsafe no-name replacement tyre (not Michelin as all the others), 1200 more mileage on the clock than supposed to, a service due shortly, and scratches on the middle console. The guy who delivered it only shrugged it off. Wilsons didn’t reply to my complaint that followed for two weeks, allowing the time to return it to pass. Upon numerous calls and emailing yet another department they offered to pay for the tyre replacement and the service. This was the absolute minimum, no compensation for the excess mileage. This reflects bad practices, terrible customer service, and a poor purchase experience to say the least. They do as little as they can or less.

  3. I bought a Dacia from them last year and after driving it for less that a 1000 miles decided that although the car was nice to drive and excellent on diesel consumption it just wasn’t me. I asked about a buy back and although I had taken a knock on the price, was happy with the end result. One being walked back to my car, I found a little gem and the following week had traded in my Dacia and drove out with my new vehicle. So far, not had any problems. I found the staff very friendly

  4. Had a great experience very happy with my new car and great part exchange valuation. Also low APR rates compared to other dealers. Thank you.

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