May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Junction 17 Cars Review

  1. !!!!STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!!! Absolutely worst dealer I have dealt with, PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THEM. Bought Audi Q7 which was advertised on auto trader, didn’t had chance to travel 4 hours to view and I trust on the pictures and detail. To impress buyer they quoted 2489 less mileage with excellent condition to show great price, my bad I did blind trust, finalised the deal, collected the car after getting home realised the mileage is incorrect and based on the mileage price should be at least £2-3k cheaper plus have headlamp sensor issue which turns on and off, alloys have visible scratches. After sending them an email about this was told should have read disclaimer on their website, seriously???? At absolute breaking point with this dealer, taking it further to file formal complaint to ombudsman and trading Standards. If I could give a minus rating, I would.

  2. Purchased a car from this dealer in December 2017, included in the purchase of the vehicle was an 18 month “A1” warranty at the cost of £499 … after two break downs and £440 worth of repair bills Junction 17 just wants to “call me back later…“ and will not deal with the warranty company who refuses to refund me for a simple repair, clearly covered by their so called warranty… The owner of this dealer verbally assured me that they would Refund me my costs if the warranty company didn’t … unfortunately it would appear his word is as worthless as the warranty I was charged £499 for.. So the deal so far is £499 for nothing and £440 to keep the car on the road and grand total of £939 to prove my mother was right all along and just buy your cars from main dealers. Save your money, your time, and your unreturned phone calls and most of all you belief that people don’t just lie to you and purchase your next car from a reputable dealer even if it costs you a little more to purchase your next car. DO NOT BUY YOUR NEXT CAR HERE.

  3. Purchased a range river sport online and paid in full was fobbed off for several weeks about delivery – vehicle did not materialise as it was found to have a major Wiring fault. I was then asked if there was another vehicle I would consider as opposed to a refund I chose another vehicle but it transpired it had no MOT so again I had to wait longer. When the vehicle arrived I had no paperwork and on 1 key – obtaining a log book was horrendous and all at my own time and aggravation, window wiper blade rubbers were glued down so have had to replace an independant inspection showed 2 tires should have been recorder as MOT advisories. Anti freeze was empty only one key amd not two and the battery in that needed replacing at my own cost at which point I discovered it was in fact half a key. Promised warranty that never arrived no hpi certificate issued with the vehicle and the list goes on. Sales team couldn’t care less ignore phone calls and emails – I am about to take legal action – not what you expect when you pay over 35k for a vehicle from a dealer – do yourself a favour and avoid , gutted I didn’t demand a refund as could have purchased the same vehicle from Land Rover at a comparable price with confidence and no grief

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