December 6, 2023

10 thoughts on “WAVETREE CAR CENTRE  Review

  1. Got a nice BMW X5 from Wavertree car centre and am really chuffed with it. Proper nice car and some good features on it. I went up to Wavertree and had a walk round the car and soon realised that it was exactly what I wanted. The lads were proper helpful and made the whole buy nice and easy for me, I would defo return for another car.

  2. I know where ill be going for all my second hand cars now!!!! Fantastic job done by the guys down at Wavertree… sorted me out with a well nice BMW X5. Proper smart thing it is, love driving it!!! Have told the fellas I work with about this place and they’ve been up themselves and have said the same!!! Doing a right good job up there and will be telling everyone to go

  3. Amazing customer service at Wavertree, looked after me really well and made sure everything was nice and smooth throughout the whole transaction. Really pleased with the ford fiesta, wouldn’t change it in the slightest.

  4. Third Audi purchased from Wavertree, fantastic car and model spec, really enjoying the little upgrade there! Wavertree have been sound as well, had a few minor issues a couple of weeks after purchasing – nothing major just a few common Audi faults. I got back in touch with the guys at the office and spoke to Antony and he was great, he booked my straight in with Phil who sorted all of these bits and bobs out for me. I’m really pleased with it now and is running great. Fantastic service guys, I’ll be back for my 4th Audi 😉

  5. Recently bought a Renault from Wavertree and am really happy with it. Had a slight problem around a week later but I called Wavertree and they ordered the necessary part that day and it was resolved so quickly. They were great with communicating any updates with me and were really on the ball with everything. This is definitely a dealership that looks after their customers.

  6. We recently purchased a lovely A Class from Wavertree Car Centre! Bit of a new experience for us as we purchased the car online/over the phone. It was super easy, just a few phone calls with Antony and it was all arranged to be delivered to us pretty soon! It came on time and was as described online, we have loved using it and is a great drive… no problems at all! We would definitely buy from Wavertree again, it was so easy to purchase online, no faffing and just very straightforward!

  7. I had a bit of an issue with my previous car so needed something new quite soon really. I went down to Wavertree Car Centre and spotted a Renault Captur that I quite liked. It was in really good condition, good mileage and overall seemed a very reliable car. It was a bit of an upgrade in comparison to my previous vehicle but thought it was time I invested in something reliable. I bought it that day and the dealership got the car all MOTed and sorted for the following day so that I could drive it away. I’ve had the car about 3 weeks now and have been really enjoying it. I use it for commuting to and from work on a daily basis and it runs really well. I’m impressed with how quick Wavertree could sort me out, their turn around was outstanding and they handled everything with such professionalism. I would definitely go back to Wavertree for any other future vehicle purchases.

  8. An absolutely unbelievable experience with Wavertree, more than likely the BEST car buying experience that I have ever had! I have recently collected my new little Fiat from Wavertree Car Centre and have named him Jazetti. He’s lovely, a perfect little car and I’m really pleased to have him home to provide him with lots of love and care! The adoption of Jazetti was perfect, I spotted him online and made a web enquiry about meeting him. It was Steve who arranged for me to meet him and was amazing in doing so… he called me to keep me in the loop as to what was going on and was just genuinely really helpful and polite! I met Steve and Jazetti down at Wavertree and it was love at first sight (between me and Jazetti that is lol). After a test drive I knew he was the one for me. Unfortunately, Jazetti’s windscreen wipers needed replacing but Steve was very understanding and wanted the best for Jazetti too, so he sorted the windscreen wipers, refurbished his alloys and just made sure he had a good pamper! I came back about a week later to bring Jazetti home, I was 30 mins early but even then he was ready and waiting for me. Ever since then, its been a dream! We’ve been out on dates together, he’s taken me all over the place… we are inseparable! Thank you Steve and the team at Wavertree for all your help!

  9. Brilliant BMW 5 series bought from Wavertree Car Centre… looks proper smart and is a quality drive too. Had no issues with it at all. Customer Service provided by the team was spot on, brilliant in sorting everything out for me and would definitely go back again

  10. Gary down at Wavertree Car Centre is a god send! He is a lovely man, very professional and brilliant at his job. He made sure we were all looked after and provided us with all the information we needed. We left Wavertree Car Centre feeling very well informed and excited to drive our new Mini Cooper! Thank you Gary for all your help, we really appreciate all your hard work.

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