December 7, 2023

6 thoughts on “WANSTEAD CARRIAGES  Review

  1. When I was at Wanstead carriages it was so lovely to see something so different. I’m so sorry I cant remember the gentleman’s name that was dealing with us anyhow the dealership was quite busy and so was he, he never failed to keep checking up on us and making sure we wasn’t waiting around for anything, he was so lovely. I didn’t experience any pushy salesman tactics here, the staff did so well in making sure they were looking after our needs and understood exactly what car we were looking for. The way the gentleman was dealing with the whole situation was outstanding there was no stress what so ever, there was just something about him managing the situation and all the people that were coming in, in such a relaxed, calm manner. I purchased the Fiat for my daughter and within a week I came back to buy myself a new car and I think that says something about how we were treated, there wasn’t a chance I was going anywhere else. We test drove the car and it was just beautiful, we took the car back in our own time and not once did we feel pressured. I am lost for words, I will forever use Wanstead Carriages now and always will recommend!

  2. Wanstead are spot on, from start to finish they were fantastic. Every question I asked was answered thoroughly. When I was looking round the car I was left to take a good look myself with no one watching over me, I was also offered if I would like to be accompanied well I have a look around or left to my own devices which is think is brilliant. I could not of asked for anymore than what I got here at Wanstead. I would use again however I live quite far away from this dealership but if I was looking for a new car and Wanstead had it in I would come back as it was totally worth the journey last time so I’m sure it would be again! Well earnt 5 whopping stars!!⭐

  3. Hi Wanstead, Andrew here… I purchased my Lexus from you at Wanstead Carriages, thank you for the great experience, I can safely say… I love the car, no issues at all, everything is perfect. If I or a family member ever needs a new car, I will be coming straight back to Wanstead because of the wonderful customer service, the helpfulness and friendliness around the dealership. I highly recommend Wanstead to you!!! I will be seeing you again in the future for a change of car! 🏎️

  4. I’ve been living round here for a long time since 1974 and I didn’t even know you guys existed. I was on a walk with my mate talking about cars and he said why don’t we go down there and down there we went. When we said that, we was pointing at your dealership, we bobbed in and I saw the Nissan, the more I looked at it the nicer it looked and the more I wanted it. So I bought it. The young gentleman that was dealing with me was excellent what a guy he is! Bloody lovely fella. Car dealers have a bad reputation however I really feel the young chap could turn this around. As far as employees go I would have this lad working for me in a heartbeat. Everyone that has been in my new car has loved it too! Cant knock what so ever.

  5. I bought the dream car from Wanstead Carriages, I had two knee operations and I needed a new car that would be suitable for me. I came across the automatic Toyota Yaris and it ticked all the boxes. I came to the dealership but I found it quite difficult to find, the gentleman at the dealership stayed on the phone to me when I was close and directed me straight there which was very helpful. When I got to the dealership I couldn’t go up the stairs due to my knees and he was really accommodating and we went to the ground floor rooms instead which was highly appreciated. The customer service I received here really was marvellous and I couldn’t of asked for anything more. Thanks you Wanstead.

  6. The guys here at Wanstead are VERY helpful they couldn’t of done more for me, wonderful guys you have working for you here. Everything was done very nicely. Anything I requested was done without hesitation, very accommodating. I couldn’t recommend more.

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