May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Vospers Review

  1. I feel sorry for the service staff at Vosper 3 Milestone. When we went in to reception, a manager was insisting on working on a ECU update which clearly had not been booked in while the service date for my vehicle had been put back by a day without communicating the date change to me. We were kept waiting without acknowledgement. We had a busy schedule and had struggled to be at the garage on time for the booked appointment. When I complained the desk assistant handled the matter professionally by arranging for me to leave my vehicle at Vospers until the following day which eased matters for us.

  2. I telephoned their parts department and was quoted £10 plus VAT. When I arrived at the exeter store they attempted to charge my double. After speaking with the manager he reduced the price, but not the originally quoted price. To add injury to insult, when I arrive back to my car I find their staff trying to flirt with my partner.

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