April 21, 2024

4 thoughts on “Peter Vardy  Review

  1. Aftercare service is a complete joke. Constant phone calls with promises of call backs that never happen and trips to showroom to be given promises that are just stories to get you back out of the door, would have given no stars if i could, would never use them again and informed everyone i know to avoid this circus. Lots of bad reviews over the internet that i wish i had read before hand and lots of dangerous cars on the road. Managers are very rude and couldnt care about sorting my cars problem out. Avoid at all costs

  2. Aberdeen Jaguar Range Rover Branch experience. Listing and selling cars that don’t exist to get you in the door. It’s a long and horrendous experience so I’ll keep it as short as possible. 17th June – make appointment to test drive 2017 Range Rover Evoque, 33000 miles at £19000. 18th June – arrive and car is nowhere to be seen. After confusion person serving me advises it must have been sold. After the hard sell offered an alternative from Carz that was more expensive and didn’t contain any of the guarantees that comes with approved. 16th July 11am. Call in to see about test driving 2017 Range Rover Evoque, 43000 miles at £17500. Told vehicle was on site and appointment booked for 12pm. 16th July 12pm – arrive at Aberdeen Branch and car is not onsite and “doesn’t exist”. Eventually confirmed by managed that car was sold “3 months ago” and he acknowledges it is a “ghost listing”. Offers to sort us out with a deal but cannot find an equivalent car. In communication and formal complaints that follow, Peter Vardy give it the it wasn’t me and their solution is to offer an equivalent car (years, miles, spec etc all similar) for £5500 more. Seems this is a regular thing. Absolute breach of consumer protection from unfair trading regulations and trading standards have been informed. They have made no attempt to resolve the situation and now purchased elsewhere. Avoid the branch and the company altogether.

  3. Buying a car should be a happy experience but Buying from Peter vardy is a nightmare Purchased a car from hillington 2 weeks ago still not received it all I get is promises that never come true ,spent hours on the phone getting past around various departments the sales person are never available & when I do get a response I get told untruths. I regret ever hearing the name Peter Vardy please please do not give yourself stress by purchasing from them you will be told everything but the truth

  4. Bought a Vauxhall viva from Aberdeen branch it only had 3 miles on the clock had nothing but trouble we the car since July.oil leaking from timing casing and water pump replaced after 10000 miles and the car is still the same after 3 visits to Vauxhall Aberdeen.you would think they would clean excess oil up if looking for a leak but not them same as first day it went in.was hardly any oil in it neither and now there’s a burning smell of oil when you drive it.customer service is the total pits avoid at all costs.

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