December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Peter Vardy Review

  1. Very poor service from the staff. Car had not been cleaned and the additional paint treatment I had paid for had not been applied. Despite having 6 days to prepare the car it was not ready for collection. I was left waiting for 2 hours in the showroom (14/09/20). Despite this disappointing experience there has been little effort made to by Peter Vardy to resolve the situation. Despite asking for a refund for the paint treatment that wasn’t applied on 22/09/20 they have still not refunded the money. I have chased them up on several occasions where they either feign surprise that the money was not refunded, or they claim they are dealing with it as we speak. They have taken £299 from me. For a company that claims to be motivated by customer satisfaction the minimum standard that could be expected is that the car is ready at the agreed time, it has been cleaned and the services that were paid for were done. When this cant be done it would be reasonable to expect some effort to resolve the situation. I would not recommend buying a car from Peter Vardy. If you must either don’t hand over any money before you see the condition of the car or pay by credit card so the payment can be reversed. Once they have your money you get zero communication from them and they will make zero effort to fix what’s wrong.

  2. Peter Vardy Hillington Glasgow – The actual car buying experience was fine, but the aftersales was the worst customer service I have ever received. The car was handed over in an awful state after I was promised the scratches and other issues in the car would be fixed before we received it. The worst part of all was the drivers seatbelt would stick and we had a problem getting it off, this should have all been checked. We complained to the aftersales and never received any calls back after leaving about 10 messages over 3 days. My wife had to end up going back in and demanding to speak to someone. The car was then booked in for 3 weeks later to get sorted. On the day of the booking my wife got told they had no courtesy cars to give us even though it had been booked in for 3 weeks , we then had another 3 day wait for one to come available. The courtesy car was given to us with no petrol, I had to put £30 of petrol in the car for the 4 days we had it, the car got returned but 2 things had still not been done. We called again and were told the person in aftersales had left ,this was the 3rd person to have left the department in our whole time dealing with them , so it explains the state of the place. We finally got the car back today completed after nearly 2 months of back and forward. I would never buy from this company again their customer service is beyond shocking, my advice would be to avoid.

  3. BEWARE BEWARE. Chose to sell my car to Peter Vardy as they offered a Free stay UK Hotel-Break for 2 however they omitted to tell me that you had to buy breakfast and evening meal for each person for each day and this had to be paid in advance. This is a sham offer and is not a free stay then and when brought to customer services at Peter Vardy they said well your hotel stay is free but you have to pay for breakfast and eveningh meal and the cost of this will vary depending on the hotel and we dont have to put that on the advert. OMG what!!!! When looked into this it was over £100 a day, in what world is that free??? Shame on you Peter Vardy for this misleading offer, well cant even call it an offer. So be warned if you are thinking about selling to them for their offers DO NOT. DO IT choose elsewhere.

  4. DO NOT USE this branch it is shocking, they after sales is a total JOKE, the excuses they come up with is down right LIES, telling you the automatic cars have squeaky breaks when driving and reversing (aye no bother lol) damage ur wheel then say no it wasn’t us, wait on them replacing a front windscreen… 4 months later very good NOT. Say they will call back …. guess what …. that right they didn’t bother and I did give them 4 days extra … Carry out work and don’t update the records, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks PETER VARDY you have ruined my trust in yous but this will.not go unnoticed. I paid them in cash and once they have the money they DO NOT CARE 1 single bit

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