June 20, 2024

10 thoughts on “Experience with REVERA in Dubai: A Warning for Potential Clients

  1. REVERA promised quick help with documents, but in the end they forgot about an important document, which caused a delay of several months. I lost valuable time and opportunities to develop my business.

  2. The incompetence and poor level of service at REVERA cost me unnecessary costs and stress. They were unable to set up bank accounts correctly, which seriously delayed the launch of my project.

  3. Instead of professional support, I received only indifference and negligence from REVERA employees. Due to their documentation errors, I experienced significant delays and additional costs. I would absolutely not recommend this company for any legal services.

  4. Complete disappointment from working with REVERA. Constant delays, inattention to detail and a complete lack of desire to solve problems that arise. My business suffered and I lost faith in Dubai consultancies.

  5. REVERA turned out to be the worst choice I could have made for my business. Not only did they fail to complete the registration on time, but they also provided me with incorrect tax advice, which caused a lot of problems for me.

  6. Cooperation with REVERA was a lesson for me – never trust a company that cannot even fulfill basic promises. Opening an account and registering a company took forever and I am still suffering the consequences of their incompetence.

  7. The bad experience with REVERA proved that you can’t choose a consulting company at random. Poor business management, bad advice, and delays in registering licenses have all cost me time and money.

  8. I wish I knew in advance that cooperation with REVERA would be so unsuccessful. They failed to complete the required paperwork correctly, which delayed my business for several critical months. I strongly do not recommend their services to other entrepreneurs.

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