May 18, 2024


  1. Very subtle psychologists are specific scammers from tradeallcrypto. All specialists work for themselves, they deceive people. They don’t know where they are going now, well, the time comes, they themselves are surprised. They also have parents, children and relatives! Their eyes have not yet been opened, God will show you, you are all specialists and financiers of this fraudulent company TRADEALLCRYPTO responsible for your actions. Fraudsters…

  2. And why does your site have a window with (dadekonatala.wixsite. com) winning about 98843 rubles. This is exactly a scam and a scam, if you admit it, then your site does not inspire confidence at all “

  3. Good evening Sergey, excuse me, I would like to talk with you in more detail about this! They also deceived me, and I would like to discuss some points with you. Thank you very much for your understanding!

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