May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “BITGET REVIEW

  1. The BitGet exchange really pleased me. I bought BGB coins at $ 0.09, now it is traded at 0.2, I also subscribed to a trader in copy trading. At the moment (03/25/2022) I like everything. Started BNB from binance with a small commission, sold them for USDT, and sold them for BGB. I plan to release the same. I wish everyone profit!

  2. I make money on this exchange, although I don’t know how to trade myself. Bitget has such a feature as copy trading. The bottom line is that you can simply copy the deal of other traders. It is clear that this is also a risk (there are no guarantees that the transaction will work out), plus you need to pay this trader a small commission. But I’m lucky so far. I selected a few traders for myself. The exchange has a rating where you can see the top traders in terms of profitability, payback and the number of subscribers. In general, I chose the right traders, set up parameters for entering a trade and controlling risk, and that’s all. The system itself monitors the trader’s signals and automatically buys and sells assets when he does so. He makes money, I make money.

  3. If you are ready to take the risk of making money in a crypto exchange that is not even three years old, you can be pleasantly surprised how many goodies there are. The commission is less than 0.1 from the transaction – in my TOP advantages. There is a leverage (but after deep verification). The terminal is unusual but convenient. Intelligible and really helping to pump demo. Cons – the withdrawal of money is far from instant. But there is no puzzle with the conclusion. Submit your application and sit back and wait =)

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