May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “IDEX TRADE REVIEW

  1. If I had been warned from the very beginning that Icx-Trade can change the terms of the client agreement at its discretion, then I would not get involved in this. And the rest of the traders, I suppose, too. The scammers lure everyone in with promises of quick money but forget to mention that they can change commissions. I’m already silent about the fact that a hundred was withdrawn from a deposit of $ 500 immediately for deposit insurance (which was also not mentioned). Work or not – you decide, but I do not advise

  2. Don’t mess with these shameless freaks! I was persuaded to put money into the account and personally experience their vaunted “advantages”, but it turned out that they simply took my money away, deducted everything from the account overnight and deny their involvement! how to deal with these?

  3. It would be better if I kept saving for an apartment, because with Icx-Trade you can’t earn a priori. Fraudsters rub their trust in you, persuade you to transfer more money, and then they don’t want to return anything, even your own savings can’t be withdrawn from here. And this happens to many traders, negative reviews appear everywhere, only they are deleted. This is how it happens, at first it seems that the agent is normal, but in fact it is a complete fake.

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