May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “QOREXEMP REVIEW

  1. The most careless and unreliable intermediary in my entire trading practice! I contacted Qorexemp by accident, and already managed to curse that day. Amateurs persuaded me to transfer 2000 bucks to get better trading conditions, but I did not notice any advantages compared to the base. Rather, on the contrary, for my contribution they gave me a lagging terminal that brazenly steals money from customers! Moreover, it is pointless to complain to support, they deny their involvement. And we all just go bankrupt, like it should be

  2. never regretted his decision to entrust his capital to an intermediary. the option is really suitable, you can earn money, and quickly. the platform is convenient, it does not cause any complaints, everything is displayed and closed on time. for the quick withdrawal, a special thank you, the money comes in 1-2 hours after the application is made. so I recommend it to everyone!

  3. My sad story began with the fact that the scammers themselves contacted me. Although I was not interested in trading, they showed me such screenshots of payments that my mouth watered. Of course, who does not dream of easy money? .. I had then the amount that I put aside for an apartment. I invested all these 5000 greens with full confidence that in the event of a fiasco I can always withdraw the rest. However, everything ended badly – Qorexemp didn’t let me cash out a cent, they stole everything. They froze the acc and everything that was on the balance (

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