May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “BETHLE ASTER REVIEW

  1. This non-broker did not immediately inspire much confidence in me, but an old acquaintance convinced me that the office was reliable and honest, there was nothing to be afraid of. But alas, it was not there. Already after a deposit of 1000 bucks, it turns out that Bethle Aster is charged $ 200 upon registration, and then they also squeeze their throats with commissions so that it becomes impossible to get a profit from the word at all. If this had been known earlier, then I definitely would not have put my head into working with the miners. And now it’s too late, nothing can be removed

  2. honestly, the broker exceeds all expectations. for beginners, they show pretty impressive results. look at least at the number of assets and the turnover of the company – apparently they earned trust among customers with lightning speed. I myself have not raised so much yet, but I plan to increase assets. I recommend everyone to join and try their hand too)

  3. Why didn’t anyone write that half of all functions are not working here ?! All the forums are constantly praising their advanced equipment and fast transactions, but why has no one mentioned delays in displaying quotes and high commissions? I started with $2,000, so it’s less than half left in just a week! Where was this seen? I will complain everywhere about the fake agent so that everyone knows how BlaFX is really doing.

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