May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “EVOCRYPTO REVIEW

  1. Do they have minimum commissions? Yes of course, believe me, believe me. They gave me 10% of my earnings. And I “earned” almost 20,000 bucks there. And I didn’t really want to give 2K, but I paid anyway. Then they began to procrastinate me with some contracts that I had not seen in person and certainly did not conclude. I have already cursed that agent in all the languages ​​of the world, but justice has not been achieved!

  2. At this stage, I can not name specific cons. But also pluses, as it were. I have already invested more than $1000, earned a little and wanted to withdraw, but the broker constantly insists that I throw more. I understand everything, a different income, but still a little afraid. Because I know that not all brokers work honestly, and now I can just give them money. Has anyone worked with Evocrypto? I would be grateful for any comment.

  3. Due to Evocrypto, he is now forced to sit on bread and water in order to repay the loan. I earned 10000K$ I thought that life was getting better and I would be engaged in trading all my life. I filed an application for withdrawal of funds, I was asked to pay a commission, 5% of the amount, this is not small money. I didn’t see anything about the commission on the site, but I think it’s okay to lose those $ 500 with such an income, it’s already not much as it seemed to me. After paying the commission, they told me to pay more for taxes. And so I paid until my account was reset to zero, and the money never came to me.

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