May 18, 2024

4 thoughts on “Meliorate Limited Review

  1. Meliorate Limited is another fly-by-night company. The broker is trying to impersonate a serious firm with more than a decade of experience. But in fact, no one knows about this office: there is only one review about it on the network. It is also known that the organization steals other people’s personal data, and its real place of registration is unknown. I do not recommend cooperating with such a project.

  2. Good afternoon ! I tried to work with Meliorate Limited great friendly employees but it all ended as soon as I transferred the first trial 110 euros

  3. The false broker Meliorate limited does not deserve the attention of users, since it is illegal and a scammer, you should stay away from this scam.

  4. The creators of Meliorate Limited are experienced scammers and this project is not the only one in their track record and certainly not the last one. Therefore, investing your money here would be a huge mistake. It’s not worth the risk.

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