December 6, 2023

4 thoughts on “Coinkirk Review

  1. The site has not yet been blocked, but it’s a matter of time. There is only one confidence in the company that it will scam and not withdraw money.

  2. Of course, I’ve seen everything in my life, but it’s the first time for quotes to jump like that. Either Coinkirk Capital generally refuses to answer for the quality of service, or they simply do not care about the well-being of users. And respectable firms don’t do that, believe me. Before investing in advertising, you need to start pretending to be at least something, and not hope that users will not notice slips and lags. Only in these couple of days I lost about 100 dollars, and what’s next? I regret that I did not break the reputation of the agent …

  3. The scammers from Coinkirk stuffed all sorts of information from various companies related to financial markets, trading, and investments. Some kind of clown project, like a butcher, assembled from different pieces of the body, and this site. Obviously, this is a black broker that should not be approached. They don’t even provide a demo account to at least look at the insides without the risk of losing money. Well, there are no guarantees either, some minuses, some signs of a black broker. The site was created a few months ago, and it was also created as if these swindlers had collected texts, pictures from different companies and blinded everything into one heap. There are a lot of cons, I’ll briefly list them: no license, no major partnerships with other companies, sports clubs, media personalities, they don’t provide a demo mode, there is no insurance, the business model is not disclosed, there are no names of the founder and team of employees, there are no financial documents , the phone is hidden, only mail, no social networks

  4. fucking freaks pinched my babos! I trusted them, hoping to earn extra money quickly, but in fact, here you can only lose everything! even if it’s not a buggy terminal, then the goats’ unwillingness to part with your deposit will be the last straw

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