December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Blacklands Finance Limited Review

  1. Blacklands Finance Limited is a fake broker that successfully hides under the guise of another company. In his work, he uses various sophisticated schemes aimed at leaving traders without money. Therefore, in no case should you translate anything here.

  2. Blacklands is a pseudo-broker that only pretends to bring transactions to the market. In reality, you will lose money faster than you can blink. It happened to me as well. 500 dollars as it never happened. That’s why I’m warning everyone. Blacklands must be avoided.

  3. A scam (the terminal works with slippages, and all losses are attributed to problems with the Internet on my part! Not from them! I’m shocked by these bastards!!!

  4. Blacklands Finance Limited are common scammers that you definitely shouldn’t deal with. The pseudo-broker does not exist and hides behind the documents of an English company. Moreover, this is not the first such project of these scammers. Therefore, it is not recommended to invest any money there. You won’t be able to return them.

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