July 15, 2024

3 thoughts on “MASL REVIEW

  1. My widow sister is carrying two children. I wanted to earn extra money in order to put the children on their feet. But unfortunately I came across creatures who promised a lot of things, but from the promised they fulfilled nothing … The fact that they did not return the last savings of the family, I think this is understandable.

  2. I am shocked at how skillfully I was circled around my finger. At MASL, not brokers will work with you, but real psychologists. I invested money in this, at first I earned a penny on this that I could not withdraw. Then I found real experts who told me how to check everything. Their terminal is clearly twisted, the site address is constantly changing. Clean water scam!

  3. Clean water dispensers! The website address is constantly changing. All the infa that they have spelled out is just nonsense that does not correspond to reality. Okay, I’ll somehow already earn those 1000 dollars. But these same fags of old people are bred. I contacted the police, they said that this is now a common scam, and I can not wait for money.

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