May 21, 2024


  1. The bastards deceived my nephew. The kid is only 18 years old, this is his first experience in trading and just like that he got into a debt hole. Although he invested a small amount (250 euros), it was a big blow for him. He believed in the honesty of the company and that he could learn trading here, but he was stupidly deceived.

  2. I was shocked that Falcon Invest treats people so shamelessly. First, the office promises mountains of gold, and then stupidly merges and blocks accounts for no reason at all. It is difficult to prove justice and return the lost funds, I have already waved to run around lawyers.

  3. I do not know how to contact Falcon Invest, this company has not contacted me for a couple of weeks. There is no phone support and pages on social networks, only email. I have already sent a dozen letters there, but rotten (((Scammers should go to jail, I’m sure of this, they are not worthy of being a broker.

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