May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “GBSN GROUP REVIEW

  1. Fuckers!!! The website is fake! Reviews are customized! Licenses invented! It is a pity that I learned to check all this only after I got to 2K greens. Not a single penny was returned. I believe in a boomerang, wait for an answer from fate, nits !!!

  2. I fell into the hands of swindlers more than once, but I have never lost such large sums. Do not believe in the stories of non-brokers that commissions are minimal. Threw a thousand bucks, and already about 200 of them dripped into the broker’s pocket. After trying to withdraw money, the site began to lag. I will try more. But no matter what the outcome of events may be, I strongly do not recommend GBSN Group!

  3. GBSN Group SCAM!!! Do not be fooled by all these stories about a rich life, in the end you will be overturned and you will be left with nothing!

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