July 15, 2024

3 thoughts on “GASTRADE REVIEW

  1. never regretted joining the agent’s team. the company turned out to be promising, it works reliably and honestly, and the conditions for cooperation are quite favorable. profit is withdrawn without problems if verification is passed, so take the time to do this in advance. In principle, you can climb, someone leaves on skills, someone on luck, and everything is fine with me)

  2. By God, the most irresponsible basement office with a fake island registration! I don’t understand where the positive comments come from, are they paid for?? GasTrade defrauded me of 2000 bucks, and absolutely no return was received! You can count the available assets on the fingers, the commissions are exorbitant, it becomes unrealistic to earn money! So there were also problems with cashing out. It would be better not to contact them at all, money and nerves would be safer

  3. At first I thought to start with the minimum wage, but then I decided that it would take much more time to build up, and I invested 1000. I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry, I should have first checked this alleged intermediary for lice. When I tried to withdraw $200 and the application was not approved, I decided to read about GasTrade on the forums and just gasped at what a terrible reputation they have. I guess that I can’t return the invested funds, alas

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