May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “INDEVS REVIEW

  1. these damn bastards blew my parents off! they just recently retired, they live together … scammers contacted them themselves, started calling on the phone, and they were stupid enough to transfer all their savings in order to supposedly get a profit (now we don’t know how to return everything (

  2. I would not go for it myself, but a good friend recommended the office to me. He praised Indevs, saying that the holding is reliable, honest, and the quality of service will be at the level. But alas, when I myself transferred 2000 bucks and tried to work, I was very disappointed with the available functionality. In addition, a couple of hundred were written off from the first deposit, although they did not warn about this in advance. I could not get support from them, for what reason they were taken away. So the impressions are rather negative, I certainly will not recommend

  3. Too bad we can’t turn back time. The fact is that it was not worth messing with these scammers who were only interested in my savings. I was going to start with the bare minimum, but Indevs convinced me to invest $3,000. It is worth recognizing that they have the gift of persuasion. But that’s where the pluses end. They will be rude to you here, they will be rude, they will refuse to approve payments, a full set of an unscrupulous scam project

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