May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “S&P GLOBAL REVIEW

  1. Thanks to my brother for bringing me to this trading platform and helping me get comfortable in trading. S&P Global cooperates honestly, the conditions of this broker are perfect for both professionals and beginners. So do not hesitate, this is a great option. I myself trade here with pleasure and recommend others to try.

  2. I just opened an account here the other day and am still getting used to the platform. It is a pity that the broker did not take care of a demo account so that you could get acquainted with the functionality of the platform and test trading strategies without risks. Otherwise, I have no complaints about this brokerage organization.

  3. The same story, only when withdrawing funds they came up with some kind of financial monitoring and demanded to pay an income tax of 8% of the funds earned, which is almost 20,000 dollars, I already got 55,000. And they still have not enough. I looked at the tax legislation, nothing was said about 8%. It makes no sense to talk about the name of my manager. Most likely it is fictional. Until I pay 8% money will not be sent to me. I searched for at least one positive review did not find. My only regret is why I didn’t immediately look for information about this company. People look at the reviews immediately and save your own or credit money

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