July 15, 2024

6 thoughts on “Fish Motors Review

  1. I purchased a AUDI A5 from fish motors. I have been very pleased with the service that was given by the dealer ship. the car was in excellent condition which is what caught my attention. I’ve been very impressed with my purchase so far.

  2. My series is absolutely fine, in fact it is faultless, I have had no issues whatsoever, and am thoroughly enjoying the car! Overall it was a great experience with Fish Motors, they provided exceptional customer service, I am highly impressed with my time spent at their dealership, and would encourage people to visit the team in Bolton, you won’t be dissapointed!

  3. I have to rate Fish Motors 5 stars, from end to end they were great. I’m super happy with my Peugeot. Given this is the first time I have used this dealer I was really impressed and I would recommend to anyone else buying a secondhand car.

  4. I bought a Mini Countryman from Fish Motors and I am very pleased with it. There isn’t a single issue and it drives exactly as it should, its reliable and robust; just what I needed. Customer service is also great, everyone is polite and approachable.

  5. I couldn’t be more happy I got the exact vehicle I wanted from Fish Motors, an immaculate Volvo V40. The whole experience was superb and the buying process was so seamless. My car really is brilliant and is driving very well, thank you team!

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