December 2, 2023

6 thoughts on “Essex Prestige Autos  Review

  1. Great purchase from the Essex team. I would highly recommend them for your next car purchase. I came to view a TT and was blown away by how nice it was. It was a very good price considering its lovely condition and low mileage. The staff were excellent and the process was smooth. Very simple transaction.

  2. I have now sold the RS4 as I was offered an RS6 for a very good price, however, when I did own the car it was fantastic. I had no issues with it whatsoever, I just couldn’t turn down RS6, it was a no brainer. Dawn was great when I was buying the RS4, and got everything sorted for me so I have no complaints and would happily buy from them again.

  3. My A200 is superb, it is such a brilliant car, I am in love haha! It is lovely to drive and looks so smart as well, I feel like royalty driving around in it. The Prestige staff were great to deal with and made it a really easy sale. I would definitely refer back to these guys if I was ever after a change, it was a great experience!

  4. My RS6 is performing well and is such a pleasant car to drive, it performs as expected and lovely and smooth. All the staff were very friendly and more than willing to help during the purchase. The car was in great condition and there was no messing about or delays. I would definitely return here for my next car, they are great.

  5. I was in and out in no time, it was so simple and easy buying my Merc. The car is wonderful and is so nice to drive, I can’t fault it one bit. I highly recommend Essex Prestige, and will definitely be visiting again, the lads are so nice to talk to and get on with, it’s the perfect environment for buying a car!

  6. Essex Prestige have been so good in helping me out. I did encounter a little issue with the GLC, and had to go through the warranty, however, they have been great in getting the car back in the garage for me and getting it sorted. There were no qualms about sorting the car for me, they just cracked on with it straight away. Apart from that little bump at the beginning, the car is fantastic, and I can’t praise the team enough for their hard work!

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