June 20, 2024

8 thoughts on “Exodus Review

  1. I feel that having my own keys gives me peace of mind. Exodus is a geriatric friendly platform that has a very easy to use system.
    Please don’t go down the FTX route.

  2. Things are fairly easy to navigate for a total novice like me. Just wish you had a more comprehensive and diverse customer service. Especially in the area of spark or air drop tokens. I know your site does not support all these tokens, but folks like me will just end up moving these spark/air drop tokens to something you do support. Having half a dozen Crypto wallets with all their little quirks and nuances is… confusing, annoying, frustrating

  3. i am not a big techy when it comesto crypto currency i know the basics . Exodus has turned into a tech ( NFT’s / WEB 3 , etc. ) place where i now feel lost . thereare things i just don,t know anymore once i come to Exodus, so i just come every once in a while just to make sure my crypto is still there. it’s getting too complicated for me ,

  4. Exodus has been for many years: THE WALLET under YOUR control that holds many different crypto. It also facilitates swapping many different crypto in a reasonable amount of time without having to go to an exchange to swap one crypto for another.

  5. Been using them for a few months now, they have a really nice modern interface, it’s simple and clean but also provides ways for you to enable more advanced features if you want to. Sending, receiving and buying are all easy enough, I like that they’re non custodial and utilize seed phrases, nice mobile app as well as a good desktop experience.

    In short I’ve used them for multiple crypto currencies and never had a problem with them. It’s worth noting that if you have a significant amount of crypto you should look into getting yourself a hardware wallet (they’re simple to setup), I believe that Exodus currently integrates with Trezor, would be nice to see Ledger integration but happy enough how it is for handling small amounts of crypto.

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