December 7, 2023

8 thoughts on “Exodus  Review

  1. I have several wallets for 5 years a few days ago I tried exodus I sent shibainu that never arrived on the exodus. a bad wallet and I strongly advise against it and full of errors and the support is not responding.
    if you have bitcoins switch to Electrum if you leave your crypto you lose them.This wallet always has issues i have the last release . Would not recommend downloading.
    I send the cryptocurrencies and they don’t arrive even worse with the Moonpay criminals I lost 40 $ but it is not the sum but it is the bad faith of these people.
    I have emails and evidence

  2. Well-designed, friendly, easy-to-use interface, dependable, excellent customer service – I have used Exodus for four years now, and I have had only great experiences. I feel the company has high integrity!

  3. I lose my money and when i sent to customer service they tell me someone from russia enter your account and change currency and live in saudi arabia

  4. Exodus is a wonderful app, clean, elegant, easy. This is why I am an Exodus shareholder.

    However, it appears that one of Exodus’ affiliates ( Trustpilot? Who knows?) has been hacked, because, lately, my inbox has been flooded with phishing attempts that appear to come from Exodus. Most companies will dismiss this kind of complaint as “oh the user was hacked or gave his email address out to a spammer”. But no. My Exodus email address is used exclusively with Exodus, nobody else has it. At the same time, I am receiving identical phishing attempts addressed to my Coinbase email address. So there is the commonality: Exodus and Coinbase are both using an affiliate, probably an outreach or PR firm, that has been hacked, releasing personal information.

    Naturally, neither company has confessed to the hack.

    Show some integrity. Tell your users the truth.

  5. The wallet website is very easy to navigate thru. I have been using the wallet for more than two years and it has been improved over that time. Ease of viewing my portfolio and ease of using the staking application are two areas I use most.

  6. Customer service experience was excellent. I liked the videos and most importantly Exodus Wallet is on your device and is not a hot wallet. It also has built in features for the Trezor hard wallet which I like. I am interested in staking opportunities and Exodus has this too.

  7. They living on past glory they now scamming people of their money. I got scammed $320000 I know how depressed I got cause of this scammers I almost took my life cause I got frustrated loosing a whooping sum of $320k ain’t a joke I searched for ways to get in contact with exodus but for some reason I feel they where ignoring me cause I do know damn well they saw my complains cause I send a 100 daily for the past 1 month helped me recover my money my total money form this scams

  8. I have been using this wallet on a regular basis for about 3 years and have had no issues nor concerns with the service. Perfect service

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