December 7, 2023

10 thoughts on “Crypterium  Review

  1. The platforms looks good an paper, indeed it offers a lot of good services. What really pushed me far from it are the bugs/lags. Almost each time I try to use their website I step in multiple unsuccessful clicks and errors that limits my intentions.

  2. The reason why crypterium is in my phone?
    Because able to withdraw directly to my bank card. Able to earn more percentage on interest earn. Last but not least prediction price

  3. I was an ICO investor in 2017 or 2018. Price dropped down 10 times) What is my experience as investor – it is not positive.

    As an app user – not bad

  4. I use several crypto exchanges but Crypterium has become the preferred exchange and App. The App is really easy to use, I have not had major issues and when needed, support has been timely and helpful. Their token has a lot of potential and they regularly adding new capabilities, such as currently an integration of a CeFi/DeFi ecosystem.

  5. I am trying to increase my limit by uploading the licence but it was declined all the time. When i contacted support then i was told that i have to upload my passport to pass my kyc but after doing the same process again by my passport i was shocked to to read a message popped up saying that my request was declined and due to internal rules my account will be closed and the decision is final. What about the money I invested in the app. Support leave the chat by saying you will be contacted by email shortly to review the issue. So far no one contacted me yet

  6. UPDATE-Now I got a refund of 2100 but it says I should get a 1.9 eth refund which is about 2874$ but equal to 700$ lost but I got it back. I contacted good support…..My money disappeared without a trace, amount 2100 euros. I ordered a card. And it did well in the first few months for their card. Then I became confident. I sent money to the card to withdraw amount 1.93793084 ETH (which at the time was 2101.39€). They said the card was banned. Card blocked I contacted support -sent money will be returned to my local account-I gave bank account details-I’m waiting for my money-since 26 JANUARY 2021-still no sign- I have contacted support. but no sign i just wait And now I surrender because nothing happened And why am I wasting my time? I’m going to have to do it. It’s terrible. To be honest.

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