May 18, 2024

10 thoughts on “Crypterium Review

  1. Hello I have read and seen bad reviews about this company on YouTube. I can actually say I have not had any problems with this company. My withdraw and exchanges of funds have been excellent. Their fees are are reasonable if any. I think they are a great company. Transactions are easy to navigate and process. I hope they are a successful company. I will continue to use them. Plus they are still growing so you have to give them time. I am unable to receive their plastic card but I just withdraw to my bank and it’s all good. Thanks crypterium for your service.

  2. I use Crypterium because it’s comfy, easy and smart, suits all my needs, in & out transaction & cc issues. Waiting for more countries to be added into the list!

  3. Incredible service, awesome customer help services, amazing offers and often at times they give away crpt crypto, which is insane NO ONE DOES THAT. I am holding alot of crpt and i love this website and mobile app.

  4. Racist platform simply!
    I provided a document that’s acceptable by their side and all they do is sending a spam email that their decision is final! They do not admit that they made a mistake and don’t allow you to provide different document
    The only platform I’ve encountered this problem with!
    You should ask for different documents then block accounts
    Racist and hateful platform with the worst no flexible assistance!
    Attract customers with your suck stupidity
    Most reviews are fake here do not fall to em

  5. I have been using Crypterium for over 6 months. I got their Plastic Visa CARD and everything works as advertised. So yes im happy to keep some of my crypto assets on their wallet,

  6. simple and convenient
    low fee, very fast exchange. If there is an error, it is immediately intervened. one of the best apps i have used.

  7. Crypterium makes Crypto real to me. I can very quickly realise my crypto gains by transferring it to my crypterium online visa card and buy my groceries with it. That was always such an important proof point for me in crypto and makes investment worth the risk. The app is great and runs so smoothly. Especially now that its been up a while

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