December 7, 2023

5 thoughts on “Bitpay  Review

  1. i did transaction company call skrill 2017/11/10 600 SUD value bitcoin still this transaction hold no reason and no more reply to my email..
    my money has been lost by modern legal thief by bitpay mother f**ks
    if any of u read my message do not deal wit bit pay you will lost u money 100% if u wanaa lost u money yes go for bitpay …
    i wish i could catch this bit pay f**king people ..

  2. Like many other reviewers here, I had a bad experience with the BitPay customer service. What they are doing is probably not identity theft but looks close enough. Certainly they are mining your identity data. My Tier 2 application dragged on for more than a month. The documentation requests from the compliance team went in circles. They have a habit of asking for one piece of documentation a week, and when you submit all of that, they suddenly discover that your website needs more information about the business. And this is given that they had approved the website in writing a few weeks before.

  3. Awful. Waited months for them to fix a bug because I couldn’t do anything with my funds, then suddenly one day all my funds just disappeared. Customer service is slow to help. They finally told me how to make my funds show up again, but I still can’t send anything. Do not use this.

  4. Bitpay is simply the worst. I used them to receive small payments over the past several months and wondered why I never received a payout. Their response? You must accumulate at least .01 Bitcoin (around $420 in value at current rates) before they will release your funds. Until you achieve that balance level, they hold your money hostage.

    There are MANY other crypto payment processors available who don’t resort to this scam tactic. Don’t waste your time with Bitpay.

  5. Their payment gateway is trash. For last two days, I’m not able to make payment. Even after sending the bitcoin payment and blockchain showing 2 confirmations, bitpay invoice page is not even acknowledging the payment and is getting expired.
    Support Takes 5 to 7 days to reply and that too they skip tickets by asking silly questions and have to wait another 5 7 days to get response. What a waste of time and money.

    In response to BitPay’s reply.
    I’m sure you are non technical person. You have no idea what you are saying. Your response doesn’t fit the problem I had. Simply, replying with a generic predefined message. Nothing better expected. Wish I could give 0 star now.

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