July 15, 2024

10 thoughts on “Coinomi Review

  1. I’m from Russia, and I really like the application, it needs to be improved, but everything is convenient. Tech support works great,

  2. What a great support dept. The person who helped me was knowledgeable and understanding. They answered me right away too – I didn’t have to wait to get my problem resolved – really good!

  3. I like the interface. the fact that it is implemented as this modern MD wallet can be very confusing when you try to import the ETH account to another app but finally it worked. Thanks also to the chat support line, they were very patient with me.

  4. all is excellent. But Receiving Eth from blockchain wallet, scanned QR code. And now its sent from blockchain(confirmed). BUT NOTHING RECIEVED !!
    so i need to know , where the money is. Trapped somewhere, took 16 confirmations. And low gas fees. But no money arrived on coinomi, im worried….

  5. I sent about 100$ worth of Algorand from my Ledger wallet to Coinomi address – it NEVER arrived. I contacted Algorand, sent them algoexplorer link of transaction and they verified that it went through without any issues.
    I opened ticket with Coinomi support. For over three days not a single word from them, it is just in “being processed” state.

    Going through posts on the internet, i saw that they had issues with Algorand even two years ago, people were complaining on their transactions never arrived. Absolute criminals.

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