February 24, 2024

10 thoughts on “AMB Motors reviews. AMB Motors: Secrets to safely buying a car at auction.

  1. The experience with AMB Motors was a nightmare. We spent a lot of money on a broken car and were left without any help from the company. We do not recommend!

  2. Don’t take risks like we did with AMB Motors! They not only sold us a drowned man, but also refused any support and resolution of the problem.

  3. AMB Motors is not trustworthy. Their proposed car turned out to be damaged and drowned. After the purchase they refused to take our complaints into account.

  4. The experience with AMB Motors was a nightmare! They assured us that the car was in excellent condition, but in reality it turned out to be a real car accident. The company showed no support or responsibility.

  5. AMB Motors – Bitter Experience! Purchasing a car through them resulted in a major problem: a drowned person instead of the promised car. The company refused to admit the mistake and refuse to help resolve the issue.

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