February 24, 2024

10 thoughts on “ENON Trading Company Limited reviews. ENON Trading Company Limited: How to avoid pitfalls when choosing a car at auction.

  1. Be careful when choosing ENON Trading Company Limited! This company is not trustworthy and can put you in a difficult situation that is difficult to get out of.

  2. We spent a lot of money on a car we ordered through ENON Trading Company Limited and encountered unreliable and incompetent intermediaries, which led to a difficult situation.

  3. It is better not to contact ENON Trading Company Limited. They take full responsibility for selling defective cars and are not willing to correct their mistakes.

  4. ENON Trading Company Limited – masters of deception! Their assurances about the car being checked and there being no accidents turned out to be an absolute lie.

  5. ENON Trading Company Limited provided us with false information and sold us a machine with serious defects. They completely ignore their responsibilities to their clients.

  6. Cooperation with ENON Trading Company Limited is a nightmare. We ordered a car that didn’t match the description, but the company didn’t even bother looking for a solution.

  7. Do not contact ENON Trading Company Limited! When it turned out that the car had serious technical defects, the company completely ignored our problems.

  8. ENON Trading Company Limited: Disappointment Guaranteed! Initially they promised us a quality car, but we ended up with a drowned car. The company bears zero liability.

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