February 24, 2024

10 thoughts on “AUTOPODBOR EXPERT reviews. AUTOPODBOR EXPERT: How to avoid pitfalls when choosing a car.

  1. AUTOPODBOR EXPERT does not deserve your trust. They did not fulfill their obligations and did not even try to solve the problem when it arose. I recommend avoiding this company.

  2. AUTOPODBOR EXPERT turned out to be a complete disappointment! After purchasing the car, it turned out that it had serious technical problems that none of the company employees wanted to solve.

  3. Horrible experience with AUTOPODBOR EXPERT! We ordered a car that we were promised had never been in an accident, but when we received it, it turned out that the car was completely painted!

  4. AUTOPODBOR EXPERT have shown themselves to be an unreliable company. The staff does not monitor the quality of the cars they offer to their customers.

  5. Disclaimer is the basic operating principle of AUTOPODBOR EXPERT. After purchasing the car I had serious problems and the company didn’t even try to help.

  6. AUTOPODBOR EXPERT did not fulfill their promises by offering me a car with a ‘transparent’ history, but in fact this turned out to be more than dubious.

  7. AUTOPODBOR EXPERT showed no honesty. We ordered the car with a ‘no mileage on site’ mark, but in fact it was used and this greatly affected its condition.

  8. Horrible experience with AUTOPODBOR EXPERT! They provided us with a car with low mileage, but it turned out that the odometer was adjusted and the car was driven much more.

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