May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “ZEXO REVIEW

  1. ZEXO scammers!!! They scammed my mom, she just retired. They called and started telling how to make money, asked to go to the site and read everything. In the same place, everything is clearly written very promisingly, she became interested. These fagots reinforced everything with stories that she would earn millions. They played on the feelings of an old woman, they say, they will help me buy an apartment so as not to take a mortgage. As a result, she pawned $ 5,000 there. They began to turn their schemes, over time, she had more than $ 50K in her account. Then she told me about this earnings with a request to help withdraw. I’ve gone through verification several times with no success. These bastards started calling saying we still owe them. But all this money is worth nothing compared to the fact that my mother has been in cardiology for half a month due to a nervous breakdown. I don’t know why I should continue to treat her. Tell me, maybe someone knows who to contact to get at least part of their money! God will punish these creatures!

  2. I read reviews about other brokers and still cannot get enough of my own)) I am very happy that I once stumbled upon ZEXO. Half a year ago, I chose a Silver account with a $5,000 deposit. I have already switched to an account with a $50,000 deposit, because now I can afford it. I myself already consider myself a ruble millionaire)))))))) If I had said this a year ago, I would never have believed it.

  3. Swindlers! I don’t understand how I didn’t notice this before. Stumbled upon ZEXO by accident, very interested. When I contacted technical support for the first time, they mentioned another company name to me in a conversation, they said that this was the name of the parent company and I somehow forgot about it. I threw in 10,000 dollars because with this amount new opportunities opened up. I wanted to withdraw, they began to say that it was not the right time, the manager for crediting and withdrawing funds will contact you tomorrow. They called back the next day and said the bank would contact me in the evening. and so they threw me a week from one to the second. As a result, I was blocked and I will not see my money. Now I sit and think that it was not for nothing that they called themselves another office, because they rivet these scams one by one.

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