May 21, 2024

2 thoughts on “MT VENTURES REVIEW

  1. FX Ventures is another garbage dump for collecting and extorting money, you look at their website, it’s just some kind of squalor! They didn’t even bother to provide a detailed description of the investment proposals. Support behaves extremely suspiciously, which causes even more suspicion. Therefore, if you are already stuck, then you should think about how to withdraw your money back, because no one will let you do it just like that. I have a work contact with guys who specialize in chargebacks. They are masters of their craft, so if you’re interested, save:

  2. For me personally, there are too many obvious minuses in the question of MT Ventures: detailed trading conditions are not spelled out; the size of the minimum deposit for traders is unknown; there are signs of a financial pyramid; no information on trading accounts; no representation and support in Russia. If you add all these cons together, you get one big RED FLAG !!! So it’s better not to risk your money and not trust them to this dubious company.

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