May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “Wessex Garages Review

  1. I was thinking of changing my 64 plate juke acenta premium with 15k on the clock. Nissan service history by wessex only to be told that the vehicle was worth 8.5k. Trade sales offer more than that. This was on an 18k car. The annoying thing was the same model with double the mileage was on sale for 11.5k. We all have to make money but this is greed. I have dealt with wessex for several years and always found them fair. Since selling the company customer service and loyalty seem to be a thing of the past. Went to a nissan dealer closer to home and got the deal i wanted. Sorry wessex a loyal customer lost

  2. They would not change fuse for me i at to book it in 4 days time and i was going to buy a brand new Kia cash so walk out. This is the second time i have had poor service never going there again i live 20 miles away so whent to local garage it took 4 min to fix. About they should get there act together.

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