December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Wessex Garages Review

  1. From start to finish, massively unprofessional & didn’t know what they were doing.

  2. Went to see a Fiesta at Newport.The car had not been cleaned inside , carpet and parcel shelf missing from boot. Water in bottom of boot.Could not believe they were trying to sell this car.

  3. I took my car to be fixed as it had a red enine light showing. Told it was the n02 injector so they replaced it to find only travelled a mile for the light to be back up.Phoned straight away just incase we had to go back to be told by service adviser that they must have forgotten to switch the light off as it’s fixed, so safe to drive home (66 miles) and comeback in the morning. Went back left car to test to find out it needed a new EGR valve.Had it replaced. Went to pick car up and found a.large scratch which I like someone has opened the door on it. One of the workers made out that they didn’t do it as it must have already been there. I know that’s not true as it wasn’t there when I arrived as we have a disabled badget so park in disabled spaces which are larger. The buffed it but I feel that’s only a temporary measure as I did say that if the mark is still.there then they will repay it free of charge as the damage happened under there care. It was only 5 minutes before I was seen to when another customer said they had loads of marks in the car which wasn’t there when they dropped it off. I don’t think they can be bothered with people who complain which is so wrong.

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