December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “TRADES PTY Review

  1. Divorce! I topped up my account with $1,000, but they didn’t let me earn anything! Wasted money and stopped communicating! Fraudsters!

  2. Trades PTY knows absolutely no facets ((treaked my mother for money, so even then they began to humiliate her! They said that she would live out her days in poverty, even threatened (((how can you say this to an elderly woman, I’m shocked (( Mom was very worried, constantly crying because of this.This is not a broker, but an impudent swindler((

  3. No 6 years these breeders do not work! Trades PTY only knows what to deceive people! How to top up an account, they help as nice as they are, and when there are some problems with the terminal or something else, you wait weeks for an answer! When they simply stopped answering me, I found people who helped me check this office on all fronts! And she has no documents, no registration even, she is registered as a call center! He hides his income, the names and surnames of his employees too! This office was created in 2022!!! But of course everything was painted cool, experience, thousands of employees … Be careful, people! And then you will be like me later – looking for wind in the field to return those unfortunate 500 bucks.

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