December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “DIACI Review

  1. We all know perfectly well that it is impossible to trade with brokerage scammers, but still there are people who register brokerage accounts in such semi-brokerage louhva offices like DIACI. This is an absolutely illegal sharashka office, which is nothing reliable and nothing real. The quotes here are fake, like the platform, as well as the whole auction. There is no real market, no real liquidity and no real traders. Instead, there are fairy tales and crazy suggestions about how it is profitable, safe, cool and convenient to trade here, how much you can earn here, and that the company is generally the top and best.

  2. I didn’t like the broker at all… the spreads are horsey, the commissions are huge, the trading terminal is not a metatrader even once, it also works slowly, it sucks… there are many times better companies, with softer conditions and a pleasant environment…

  3. The conditions offered by this company are terrible. The first tariff leverage is 1:30, the minimum deposit is $250 — how to trade Forex with such a leverage? Moreover, what is even more crazy is that the minimum deposit increases and the leverage behind it. When everything should be the other way around: more deposit, less leverage. Why do I need a large leverage with a large deposit? Nothing was said about the demo, nothing was said about commissions either, contract specifications were not provided. And yes, $250 is a high minimum deposit. Moreover, I often see that scammers set just such a deposit threshold.

  4. The broker simply does not even have any licenses. So if I were you, I would definitely not consider an illegal brokerage company as my brokerage partner and intermediary. So that later you don’t cry and whine that you were thrown for money and nothing can be done.

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