December 7, 2023

12 thoughts on “T2T Car Sales  Review

  1. A great experience I am really impressed with this dealership, they looked after me extremely well and ensured a smooth and easy transaction, everything was taken care of. The van was as described very tidy. It was all shiny and clean and inside was immaculate. I am super happy with my new van and highly recommend anybody looking to buy a van to go to T2T, they have a great selection of vans and will treat you as good as gold. Thanks pal.

  2. Best car dealers I’ve ever dealt with, really honest helpful and friendly. I bought a Ford Transit ready to convert into a campervan. The van is sound as a pound really good condition. I would recommend T2T to anyone.

  3. Everything was absolutely brilliant, the dealership staff were a great help and sorted me a cracking van. It does the job I need it too and has been very reliable so far so I can’t complain. Thanks again!

  4. Chuffed with the van I’m defo getting used to it now, I use it everyday and its top notch really chuffed. The dealership were brilliant very helpful, good customer service and great communication. I will be back to T2T as soon as I or any friends or family need a new motor. Thanks T2T top dealer.

  5. I went down to T2T Car Sales after finding a lovely Transit with them… the van was spick and span in condition and a very good price for its low mileage, and minimal wear and tear. The gentleman who sold me the van was a pleasure to speak to, he was ever so polite and very friendly. The easiest vehicle I’ve ever purchased, I wish every other purchase was as easy and simple as this.

  6. The lads at T2T are great, we had a right laugh and some good banter when I bought my Toyota Proace. Speaking of the Proace I am very happy with it, I’ve not found a single thing to fault! Thanks lads!

  7. Alan has gone above and beyond for me in helping getting my Van sorted and I am very grateful for this.

  8. I am very pleasantly surprised with my Peugeot Boxer, the fuel economy is genuinely impressive for this van! The van is driving like a treat for me. The purchase was straightforward enough and the guys were nice to deal with.

  9. My Citroen Berlingo is spot on for my business, perfect in fact! I dealt with a brilliant lad when I was down at T2T. I am happy to say that my business is expanding and I am looking forward to heading back down to T2T for my next van. I wouldn’t have any need to go anywhere else.

  10. If you were to ask me if T2T were a good garage I’d have to say that aye they are braw! Dinnae bother looking any further for a better place, especially if you are in need of a trades van. You’ll nae here a single complaint from me about this place or the Citan I got.

  11. I am just in between jobs and I thought I would jump on and leave a quick review for the lads at T2T, my Berlingo is cracking! Stick at it lads because you are brilliant at what you do.

  12. I bought a Citroen Dispatch from T2T in August. It is a great van and serves its purpose very well and has all the space I was looking for. The team here were very friendly and welcoming which created a relaxed atmosphere.

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