July 15, 2024


  1. SCAM! People be careful, these animals twist their hands to the last. They lure everything to the penny, and as soon as you run out of money, they will simply reset your account and start ignoring it. And then the number indicated on the site is invalid. don’t fall for all these brokers

  2. Charlatans! invested more than $25,000 in this company. At first, I chose the “Beginner” account type, since I was just learning to trade. Then I began to earn money slowly and the manager strongly recommended me to switch to “With experience”. He told me that I grasp everything on the fly and it is already possible to move to a higher level, with the help of which I will earn 100 times more than I invested, and in a short time. I’m a fool, I hung my ears, got loans and waited for my millions. But it was not there! when the manager realized that there was nothing more to pull from me, he stopped contacting me. They started to ignore me. Filed a request for withdrawal of funds – ignore. I call, I write – the same thing. The Central Bank, as it turned out, never issued them a license! But how could I know? This was later enlightened by a lawyer acquaintance. I don’t know who else to contact to get my money back!

  3. SCAM! Don’t hesitate to work with them! bad business. With System Pepper you will lose all your money!

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