May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “ALPHA NM REVIEW

  1. Alpha NM SCAM!! I gave these bastards 25 pieces of green. I could buy an apartment for them. I’ve been saving all my life, looking for the norms of a broker, and now I fucking found it. From all that was offered, he chose to earn on shares. I earned several thousand, one fine morning I got up, wanted to trade, and my account was 0. I sent a bunch of messages to their mail, after which they blocked me. Do not believe in the nonsense that they carry, as a result, they will get fucked just like me!

  2. I still can’t believe that I was so lucky) Many complained about brokers like they couldn’t earn enough, and so on. But it’s completely different for me, I immediately invested $ 1,000 and already withdrew more than 20,000. I have been working with this agent for only 2 months. I plan to throw more than one thousand. I hope it’s not just temporary luck.

  3. I hate this bastard!!! These creatures take advantage of the fact that people want to earn money and get good advice from real professionals. Everything was cool while I poured money into it, but as soon as I threw in something, my attitude towards me changed. Tech support was non-existent. May they burn in hell!!!

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