December 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Stoneacre Review

  1. Very attentive until the sale then I’ve become an annoyance. I understand there will be delays at the moment but I’ve had no personal updates or information until i ask, then I’m left feeling I’ve annoyed the staff. Never again

  2. This was my first purchase from this motor group. I made an enquiry over a car I saw advertised however I was unaware the distance of the dealership was as I live in Devon. I spoke to a gentleman who had no issue with arranging transport to bring the car down to Devon. luckily I had a business trip just south of Sheffield I was able to arrange with the team to meet and part exchange and purchase a new vehicle is from nearby services on junction 28 of the M1. As you can imagine I had great reservations of this seem to be unusual however it was the only opportunity I had to range. As a new customer and was unaware of the company I have great reservations about making such a large purchase without this to the dealership and see in the car first. Nevertheless the team putting protocol in place and safeguards to ensure they and myself were neutral protected and gave me confidence and reassurance. The flexibility of the service he went to to ensure I was able to purchase a car Which I’ve been looking for for sometime unfortunately was only available over 300 miles away from my home. He remains in constant contact leading up to the arrange meet throughout the exchange and days after. Everything fell into place beautifully and I would highly recommend speaking to the team.

  3. I had a terrible experience here. Wanted to buy a car which every time i went to collect i’d get a call on the way saying it was broken and needed to be re-fixed. I got sent the V5 in error from them as they wanted to “speed up the process” if i had bought their repeatedly breaking car so i had to post it back to DVLA at my own expense (as i was then liable for any penalties/tax for a car i hadn’t bought). They said they would reimburse me for this and never have. I have sent a complaint which i have never heard back from for months even after chasing it up. Worst customer service i have ever received and i have now bought a new car from Arnold Clark which i am very happy with. Newcastle branch and customer service both horrendous.

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