May 21, 2024


  1. I don’t get it, is this really a scam? I met all sorts of reviews on the network, angry, that Polus Investment Management was delaying payments, including, but I didn’t think that I myself would encounter this. Due to the huge commissions, I somehow got into a plus, and even then, a great success. I ordered a payment for 300 bucks, I waited a long time. The application eventually disappeared from the list. Subsequent attempts to cash out end the same, the balance does not change.

  2. Polus Investment Management is a company of scammers. They deceive customers and suck out all the money. If you have come across this company, you need to urgently contact Action Fraud, they will help and give you advice on what to do to return at least what you have invested. Don’t procrastinate immediately. And those who want to invest money, stay away from this company, do not fall for their tricks

  3. Complete scammers. Fortunately, I started with 250 €, and already on the third day I realized that these were crooks, because. they started spinning me for 1500, 3000 or 5000€. They gave it like 1000 to my credit account and they say I have to repay it urgently. They gave me a week to replenish. I decided to turn their heads too, I say that only in a month there will be ash 3500 €, they were led along the way and for a month they led me in sales, increased income and received profit. And by doing this, I got tremendous experience in this environment. And at the end of the month, in the hope that these were not crooks, I decided to withdraw part of the money myself, but the application is still hanging. I realized that it won’t work. Later, their managers called me more than once and asked me to pay a loan of 1000 €, they say then there will be problems with all my accounts and cards, as well as with the law. Finally, I called, allegedly a bank employee and said that I had a loan open and I had to repay it. I pretended to be a fool, and I say that I did not take a loan, I did not put any papers or digital signatures anywhere. He asked, well, at least 500€ to throw instead of 1000€. Well, short laugh.

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