May 21, 2024

3 thoughts on “BITTRADE REVIEW

  1. This is a bunch of scammers. Their girl is engaged in acquaintance with men, fills in how she trades through her brother. My brother has been in this thread for a long time. Allegedly, she already lives in Austria. Then you meet your brother, your brother sends you to the Head of the Analytical Department, her name is Regina Davydova. She closes 7 currency transactions for you and everything is a plus. Then he offers to enter the interbank market. A letter is being written from the support service, you have earned so much there. Pay a 20% commission. The bottom line is that you pay a commission on your extra money, and not deducted from the earned ones. Then, after payment, the amount is credited to your account on the site.

  2. The facts of history confirm that everything new is not perceived by most people at once, due to stereotyping and conservative thinking, the impossibility of understanding the grandeur and prospects of the invention. Only after a certain time, what was laughed at, what was persecuted, was safely used, and used by all mankind with gratitude. Alas, it is an axiom. Open your mind to new ideas, concepts and people. Nothing is permanent—except constant change. Our task is to want to see these changes, and this is a sure path to success. Yuri Ivanov. Representative of IT Holding Simсord in Murmansk since 2014.

  3. I suggest anyone who has been scammed to contact the police. It is necessary to create a mass character, to combine several cases into one!

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