July 15, 2024

3 thoughts on “OPTIONHOT REVIEW

  1. fucking idiots just want to suck more dough out of you! do not get fooled by this nonsense, otherwise there will be nothing to eat even to buy!

  2. I was advised to register here by a former classmate, who, financially, everything seems to be excellent. It’s not hard to add two and two to come to the conclusion that OptionHot plays a big part in this. I have never been so wrong. I immediately transferred 3,000 dollars for trading, because they promised me improved conditions, but not only did I not see the latter, but my account was also blocked, all the money was written off from my account!

  3. I highly advise you not to get involved with these amateurs, otherwise you will bite your elbows later. OptionHot is promoting as best they can, but almost everything that this under-agent says about himself is all a lie. It actually appeared recently, and it can be seen from the site, the shell is too damp to pull on an advanced dealing center. I nevertheless decided, invested $ 200 to check everything myself, and the result did not please me, but not to say that I was surprised. I haven’t been able to get anything out. Be careful

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