December 7, 2023

4 thoughts on “CAPITAL HUB Review

  1. I am shocked by the cooperation with these scammers! CapitalHub deliberately gave fake recommendations to rob me, and now they say that they should have strained their brains, and not rely on others. No one is going to bear responsibility, to compensate for the damage either.

  2. In the furnace of this sharashkin office, it does not fulfill the agreements. If you are counting on making money with her, then you are greatly mistaken.

  3. I won’t leave it like that, I will turn to professional lawyers to help punish these scammers. They stole almost $4,000 from me and now they don’t want to get in touch. How so?

  4. Are there really people who still believe in such crap? At first glance, it is clear that we have a typical scam that looks like an intermediary. I heard that with CapitalHub, many lost such amounts that many ordinary workers never dreamed of, I think it’s time to close this shop. Otherwise, scammers will continue to cash in on someone else’s trust. To be honest, now, among scam projects, not everyone can find a real suitable agent, so you have to endure this shit that rushes from all the cracks

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