December 6, 2023

2 thoughts on “Nationwide Cars Review

  1. Just bought a Hyundai i20 from Nationwude car sales (17/6/22) and its absolutely brilliant,the service was so good and he went the extra mile in everything he did,there was no pressure and was very down to earth and helpful.I highly recommend these guys,great service,great car,and great price.

  2. I looked on line and found 2 companies which supplied the car I wanted under the same conditions. NCC did provide the best price and I commented on this to the other dealer and his comment was “make sure they can source the car”. The car order was secured by NCC on 20/4/21 and after that they provided a provisional date for the car to be at there compound by 12/5/21 and this date was later changed to 16/5/21 and that if I contacted them on that date they would confirm. During all my conversations with NCC I was told that the car would be delivered about week after they received it. On 19/5/21 I received an invoice for the car with a delivery date of 1/6/21, 16 days after the last date given for delivery to them! This meant I had to hire a car on 28/5/21 as I was going away and had already sold my previous car! The car arrived eventually on the 1st BUT it was not the car ordered it was a hatch back rather than the estate ordered and shown on the invoice, also the reg details on the invoice were different to those on the car delivered. I refused delivery and the car was returned to NCC. I contacted NCC and was told they could not source the colour I required for a further 12 weeks but could source a Manhaten Gray. I said I was not totally happy with this but as I waited so long and would have to wait at least 12 weeks if I tried to source another car I would reluctantly order the grey version. I said I would like this to be taken as a formal complaint. THE RESPONSE FROM NCC WAS THIS IS NOT OUR PROBLEM BUT A PROBLEM WITH OUR SUPPLIERS AND I RESPONDED BY SAYING THE CONTRACT IS WITH YOU NOT YOUR SUPPLIERS. The grey estate was due to arrive on the 14 or 15 June 21 and on the 4/6/21 I received an email from NCC confirming delivery was booked for the 14th, on 19th June I received another email confirming delivery on the 15th, another change. The car arrived on 15th early in the morning BUT the protection pack I ordered should have had a black protection plate on the boot but it was silver!! I contacted NCC and stated that there seemed to be no point in discussing this further as NCC took NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS PURCHASE IT WAS ALL DOWN TO THEIR SUPPLIERS

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