May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “MOBIUS TRADER Review

  1. Mobis Trader is a scammer, I’ll even say with a capital letter, believe me, I’m not a competitor, I invested almost 13,000 US dollars, and they merged it in just a month, and they also accuse, like their analysts didn’t correctly calculate the program, they entered beautifully into trust and that’s all …. I have all the documents, statements, bank checks, correspondence with scammers. beware these are very cunning scammers, beware. Bee Ruslan Vladimirovich.

  2. \Just listen to what these Mobius Trader bastards have done and what they accuse me of. In short, I broke down for a long time, since I have no experience in trading, but they quickly reassured me that they would let me study the training materials and would help in everything. As a result, I installed a remote access program on my computer, they showed me through it where to click, what to do. As soon as I deposited money into the account, these freaks began to make losing trades instead of me and brought my deposit to 0. I personally saw the history of operations, but I didn’t have time to take a screenshot, they deleted it on the sly. And they say that I’m doing money somewhere!

  3. Whoever praises Mobius Trader no matter how, know that in reality they were created only to simulate trading and draining deposits. It works exclusively against traders. Yes, and the brokers themselves seem to me to know what step they are taking, using this software. I don’t know a single trader who made money with this platform and withdrew the earned money without any problems. If anyone knows such people, only real, not dummy rats, then show me, I will be sincerely surprised !!!!!

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