May 18, 2024

3 thoughts on “AAATRADE Review

  1. Stinky creatures! They brought my father to a critical state!!! They stole all his savings from him, what is he now, to live on a beggarly pension? I have no conscience. It will come back to them (((God – he is not Timoshka.

  2. I have no complaints at all – neither in terms of customer service, nor in terms of trading discipline. With the withdrawal of profit, everything is also okay. I have not yet withdrawn large sums, as I intend to gradually increase the trade turnover here, but I have already withdrawn money for testing. Full order.

  3. Don’t talk about this broker. I have been working with him for the second month and so far I have not noticed any critical shortcomings. There are sometimes misunderstandings with the support, but that’s it… In general, I have no complaints about trade support. The terminal works without bugs, you can count on it.

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