May 21, 2024


  1. I can only say thanks to the broker Medco Finance Limited, which fulfills its duties 100% and which allows me to withdraw the money that I earn my living through forex trading.

  2. You can start trading and earning with this broker, and this is a real reality, not some advertising fiction. The thing is that there are many additional services that are aimed at ensuring that traders have a high chance of earning, then the office that hedges the positions of clients will earn more. Beginners who open the default tariff are provided with experienced managers who will help them along the way, providing competent and working training materials that help to create a working trading plan and trading system that will tell you how to act in a given situation. In addition, there are risk-free trades, which means that if you open a trade and receive a loss, then your account will be insured against it. And so on. The same signals. those who used all this range of services ended up being super-satisfied.

  3. Probably, this is almost the best brokerage office, however, there is one minus, and it will concern traders from Russia and the CIS countries more – this is that their official website is not translated into Russian. Everything else is perfect and wonderful.

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